Mylau Castle Museum

Collect - Preserve - Explore - Present

The Museum Burg Mylau is also committed to these focal points of museum work. In addition to preserving the collections that have survived to this day and continuing to develop them professionally, research and presentation also take centre stage.

Due to the history of the museum, the collection is very diverse and covers almost all areas of life. In line with the intentions of the two natural history societies, objects from animate and inanimate nature form the actual core of the collections. Later, the collection was expanded to include "everything old and somehow worth preserving".

Information on our own research and our digitisation projects can be found using the links at the end of the article.

The Mylau Castle Museum's collection is very diverse and extensive. The roots of the museum's collecting activities lie at the end of the 19th century and go back to the two natural history societies of the towns of Mylau and Reichenbach. The museum currently has around 120,000 individual objects. The collection includes exhibits of particular cultural-historical value and supra-regional significance.

Our collection objects are gradually being digitally recorded, catalogued and photographed. We manage our collection with 


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